There is no regular public bus service to Wormshill but Kent County Council Councillors fund a village bus for all residents to enable them to visit Sittingbourne. It costs £1 a trip each way and is operated by Club Taxis (01795 410400 / 01634 305080). It is open to everyone, young and old, so please use it. However, there are only four regular users and the bus is now a taxi and the regular users are picked up at their houses so please phone if you want to use it to arrange accordingly!

It runs as follows:-

   Monday, Tuesday, Friday  
Bottom Pond Road 10.00  
Mattinson Place, Wormshill10.05  
Frinsted Post Box 10.10  
Milstead Village Hall 10.15  
Highstead Valley 10.20  
Sittingbourne Memorial Hospital10.25  
Sittingbourne Roman Square10.35  
Returning from Roman Square1.00pm