‘White Post’

KCC are aware of the fact that this is missing and has been since mid-April when it was first reported and then removed. Shellina Prendergast, our KCC Councillor has advised that they do plan to replace it but have had to work through the effect of considerable damage to highways over the year so far […]

Planning proposal for egg production facility at Park Farm, down Park Lane

I have just been notified about a planning proposal for an ‘Erection of a storage barn with associated mobile poultry shed and mobile home for establishment of organic egg enterprise’ on land At Park Farm, Park Lane Wormshill. The planning application is ’18/504492/FULL’ and can be most easily found on MBC’s website:- https://pa.midkent.gov.uk/online-applications/, using ‘Wormshill’ […]

Maidstone Council – Dog Control Measures Survey

Maidstone is consulting its residents on the possibility of introducing measures to combat irresponsible behaviour and are now seeking views on the specific measures they might introduce. The proposal seeks to make the following behaviours offences under the Anti-social behaviour Crime & Policing Act 2014: – failing to put a dog on a lead when directed to […]

Reporting water leaks

If you want to report a water leak, please go to the following page:- Reporting water leaks